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Roof Inspections

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure."

Shoddy workmanship is the number-one cause of roof failure.


Periodic roof inspections provide information about current roof conditions and whether repairs are needed.With regular inspections, we can help catch small issues before they become big headaches.

Roof inspections can prevent problems that could affect the entire structure of your home. Identifying deficiencies in your roof, or potential problems, can save you from having to repair interior sheetrock or even structural damage caused by dry rot... never mind that $25,000 stereo system.

40 years in the roofing industry gives us an edge. We will examine your roof to identify and document deficiencies. Because we're experts, we see things that others don't. 

Our inspections are thorough. We will provide you with pictures, including detailed findings, remaining life expectancy, and recommendations for repairs. We can even tell you if the roofer who previously installed your roof was left-handed or right. No kidding.

Buying or selling your home?

You're definitely going to need a roof inspection. 

When you’re investing in a new home, you’ll want to identify any potential or serious problems before you sign anything. Hiring a professional roofing expert to complete your inspection will bring you peace of mind. 


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